Everything you need to know about online slots

Online sots such as artisanstour.org/ are also called video slots. Online slots can be divided into classic slots and video slots. Classic slots are the usual fruit and candy based slots that you get to see in land-based casinos. More about these slots in the next paragraph.

Main features of online slots

Every online slot ( barring the classic ones) has a unique theme. It is rich in colors, has great graphics and excellent animation. To play your slot, launch it on your mobile device, computer or tablet, and select your bet levels, number of spins and your coin value.

Click the spin button and see the reels spinning. Every slot has at least 5 standard symbols - Ace, Jack, King, Queen, and 10. You may get a Wild symbol in your game that can substitute for other symbols. There can be some special symbols too in your game.

  • You can unlock a bonus game or free spins by landing the same symbols on a reel.
  • Online slots can be played for free or real money

More about online slots

You may also get a Scatter symbol in your game. This symbol helps you to unlock bonus games and/ or free spins. Every slot is defined by two variables- Return to Player and Volatility. Highly volatile slots can make you win or lose big amounts of money quickly.

Slots that have low volatility are more stable; you can win or lose small amounts of money regularly over a period of time. You can win decent amounts of money on high RTP slots. RTP stands for Return to Player and indicates the profitability os online slots.


Types of online slots

There are two kinds of online slots- downloadable and web-based. You can download the former on your device and play those games even when there is no internet connection. These games often carry viruses and other malware, therefore they can pose a threat to your devices.

Web based online slots can be enjoyed by simply launching them on your web browser. Many online casino players prefer these slots as they don't need to stored on your device. You need to have Flash and other software to play these games.

  • Some of the most popular online slots are Starburst and Mega Moolah
  • People play online slots for jackpots

Jackpots and Progressive Jackpots

Jackpots are high value prizes given to winners of some specific tournaments. Many online casinos offer jackpots on some of their slots. Typically, the prize value of these tournaments ranges from a few thousands to millions of dollars.Some casinos even run progressive jackpots based tournaments.

Unlike jackpots, the size of progressive jackpots keeps on increasing. With every new bet, the size of the progressive jackpot increases by a few percentage points. Progressive jackpots can include games from just one online casino or games from other casinos as well.

  • The odds of winning a progressive jackpots are very low
  • Red Tiger Gaming is known for bringing out its Daily Jackpots feature for many years

Tips for acing your online slot

First, check whether your online casino is authentic. After you have created your account, look out for free to play slots. Practice some of those games. Learn to play those online games on all kinds of devices like laptops, mobile devices and tablets.

Next, start by placing extremely small bets per pay line. See how your bet performs. Once your bets start working, graduate to higher bets. Choose slots having high RTP, low house edge and low to medium volatility. The best time to play slots is early morning or afternoon.

Last modified: 21 January 2021