All you need to know about fair Roulette online

There are so many Roulette games online that it can be very easy to just lose the count. But which games are actually fair and which just seem to be fair at first glance? With you will never ever fall into a trap with roulette on the internet. Read on to find out more about fair Roulette games on the internet.

Be sure about the basics

You don't know where Roulette comes from? No problem, we'll tell you! The game was invented in the 18th century already, by the famous French mathematician Blaise Pascal. It has since found its way into many casinos around the world, and of course into casinos on the internet. Roulette is very definitely amongst the most popular table games in any casino.

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But not every Roulette game is exactly the same. Over the years, several versions of Roulette have been developed. Some of them have their origins in Europe and especially France. Others have their deeper roots on the other side of the Atlantic, in America though. Most of the time, a distinction is made between two major versions of this beautiful game

Get to know the Roulette versions

As you might guess, the two major variations of roulette are the American Roulette and the European Roulette. There is a small, but very important difference to their layouts. This may lead to one game being looked at as fairer than the other. In actual fact, the difference is rather about the house edge and not about the general fairness of the game.

European or French Roulette is being played with numbers from 1 to 36 plus a green zero, which "belongs" to the dealer. The American version however has to such green fields, with an additional double-zero opposite the zero. Essentially, this little difference of one extra field or pocket within the American game makes the latter slightly more advantageous for the casino.

House edge explained

In a nutshell, the house edge ensures that the casino can cover all its costs. All casino games are designed in a way that the casino can earn some money from them. Yet, they are designed with the players in mind too though. So the house edge is usually a very small proportion as compared to the return to the player, also known as the RTP.

As an example, the house edge for American Roulette is 5.26%. If you compare this with other games online (slots, other table games), this is relatively high. The European version of the game comes with a house edge of only 2.70%. This makes the latter a bit more attractive for the players, as their chances of winning are ever so slightly higher.

  • American Roulette has a higher house edge
  • European Roulette is more attractive for the players

Compare the offers

If you look at the offering of a particular casino, you might see a lot of Roulette options - or just some token games. In the first case, you don't need to worry. You will find a game that will suit your desire very easily. The latter case however is less ideal. This means that the operator barely wanted to tick that Roulette box.

A broad choice of games almost automatically means that you will find American as well as European Roulette. Use the demo version of said games to find out which variation suits you more. The demo version allows you to try out the games for free and without having to sacrifice any money that you would have earned through hard work yourself.

  • Try the games before betting with real money
  • Don't fall for token offers


These are the fair Roulette games online

Reputable casinos also make sure that their games come from the right sources. They only trust the best developers in the business. If you see some of the well-known names of game developers, you can be sure that not only the casino is safe to play with. You can just as well be sure that the games are worth a crack too.

After all, not just the casinos should have good licences to show for their seriousness, but also the developers. If you see games from reputable and properly licenced developers, you can almost automatically feel safe. The less developers and casino operators have to hide, the better it is for the players. And once the ball is rolling in the wheel, it is all about randomness anyway.

Last modified: 21 January 2021